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This document describes newly released updates for Choo i Skyen. Look to this release notes for improvements and features that let you manage your members better and more efficient. Our goal is to never stop improving and always strive for the best system for all our users.
Please feel free to ask any questions about this or any earlier system releases in our user forum, we'd be happy to help you anytime you need.

  • Project code (Projectnummer)
    A new parameter of invoicing has been added - Project code. Now Admins are able to mark their products with Project codes and then get more detailed statistic through CiS Economy report or filter the invoices using the code.
    To use the new feature, go to BackOffice - Settings (Innstillinger) - Project codes (Projectnummer), and set up your own list of codes. These codes will be available then all over the system: on manual invoices, courses, subscription invoices, but will not be shown for your members.
    Not using Project codes? No worries, just leave as it is the default value ‘Not in use’, and nothing will be changed for you.

  • Product list
    A new way of getting statistics on your payments has been added, available through the feature called Product list. Products within all your invoices are enlisted here, followed by the brief statistics (how much have been invoiced within this product, how much have been paid/unpaid).
    Filter your products by product parameters (division, account, project code), invoicing and payment dates and get the information on how many times any product has been invoiced and paid.
    How to find: go to BackOffice - Invoices (Faktura) - Products (Producter), placed under Transactions (Transaksjoner).

  • Using existing products in manual invoices
    Get more control on your payments statistic and make it more consistency using a new feature of reusing your existing products. Now, when an administrator will generate a manual invoice, he/she will be able to select some existing course/subscription product instead of creating the new ones.
    Try it out: go to the Persons overview - select a person - add a new manual invoice for him/her - use new button 'Select product' (Velg produkt).

  • Level alternative ID
    The new field has been added to the card of a level, called Alternative ID. An administrator can set any internal identification to levels (e.g, the ID for the internal use of the association). The Alternative ID is shown on the levels list and cards, is added to the reports and is available on My page for people with extra rights.
    How to find: go to BackOffice - Levels list (Organisasjon) - open any of the level cards.

  • Activity preview
    Get more control of your courses/events appearance by using the new function of the events management, called Course/event preview. Now, during the course creation, you'll be able to check the preview of your course (looks the same as if your users see this particular course on a public page or My page). This function is available for your admins as well as for your people with extra rights (e.g, local leaders).
    How to use (for admins): Admins shall go to the BackOffice - Events overview (Aktiviteter) - create a new course - on the last step of the course wizard a new button 'Event preview' (Forhåndsvisning av aktivitet) is shown.
    How to use (for people with extra rights): Local leaders shall go to My Page (Min Side) - Events admin (Admin aktivitet) - create a new course - save course as draft - find out a new button 'Event preview' (Forhåndsvisning av aktivitet).

  • Multilanguage on Registration / Public course forms
    Now you have an opportunity to turn on double-language view of the Registration and Public course forms. When it’s turned on - language switcher is shown and user can choose between English and Norwegian.
    There are translations for all field labels and description texts, but all custom data of the association (consents, level types, custom fields names etc.) are not able to be translated.
    Get interested
    ? Let us know, and we’ll turn this feature on for you.
  • Events management adjustments: Admins are able to set up the maximum number of participants to the course, as well as configure if the max number of places and the number of remaining places should be shown to the participants (available on the last step of the course creation wizard in the BackOffice).

  • Events management by people with extra rights: Level leaders now is able to create a public course from My page (available on the course management page in the BackOffice).

  • Events management adjustments: Adminis can hide any question from My page course registration form at any time they need (available on the Course card, Questions tab in the BackOffice).

  • Notifications adjustments: GDPR weekly email to members with notifications about changing of their personal data can be turned off for any organization (this setting could be changed through a request to the development team).

  • Events management adjustments: Turn off the “If you’d like to become a member” question for the public course registrations for any particular course (available on the settings tab of the course card in the BackOffice).

  • Subscriptions adjustments: Now admins are able to set up the remaining periods of a subscription so that it will be automatically canceled at the end of the current period (you can do so through the BackOffice, just go to the subscriptions tab of the person or level card, and set “0” value in the “Remaining periods” column in the BackOffice).

  • Google Analytics adjustments: now you can use a short Google ID, e.g, “UA-65970205-2”, instead of full Google Analytics script (available in BackOffice Settings - Company information page).

We are happy to inform you all CiS features are currently fully supported.

  • Numeric values are exported as text
    Numeric values (e.g. Invoice total sum) are exported as text value when export to .xls file.

  • Missing address information on Min Side when using IE11
    Users of Internet Explorer 11 might experience an error during the My Page loading and have a problem with contact information showing up (the address block might be empty).
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