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TOPIC: Subscriptions FAQ

Subscriptions FAQ 01/11/2018 09:25 #88

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The main things that should be taken into consideration before using subscriptions

Choo i Skyen offers wide capacities for flexible subscriptions setting up, and each CiS customer can use this smooth powerful solution
configuring the own rules for membership payments. This topic contains the answers on the popular questions connected to subscriptions
settings that could be changed on the Subscription card in the Backend.

All subscriptions set up in the account are shown on the Subscriptions overview (go to Innsillinger -> Abonnementer):

One Subscription card could be opened through this list, and contains the following parameters:

Common subscription info
Subscription ID (ID)
A regular ID of the entity that serves to identify the unique subscription among all others.

Subscription name (Navn)
Text field, that could be edited by Admins. Once filled in, this name will be shown in the following places:
  • Admin will see its on Member card, Economi tab
  • Member will see this name during the registration process
  • Member will see this name on Min Side
Subscription type (Type)
Could be one of the following:
  • Membership (Medlemsskaps abonnement) means that this subscription is for being a member of the association (e.g, student's
  • Family (Familie) subscription doesn't have the own Payment date and could be used for members who are connected to a main
    member only
  • Other (Annet abonnement) means that this subscription doesn't influence on a member type of a person (e.g., subscription to
    a magazine)
Description (Tekst)
A short description of the subscription, that is shown on the registration form to explain your members what they'd pay for.

Subscription settings
This block contains several settings that will allow you to configure the subscription in the way suits you most.

Showing up on the registration (Kan en person velge dette abonnementet under registreringen?)
Here you could set up if you want to show this subscription on the registration form:
  • Ja, person kan abonnere means that any person will be able to choose this subscription during the registration process
  • Kun en systembruker kan velge/legge til dette abonnement means that this subscription should not be shown on the registration
    form, but should be still available for your Administrators in the Back Office. E.g, if there is a subscription for honored members
    (discounted or free of charge), then only Admin is able to assign it to a person
Period (Periode)
Each subscription in CiS is periodical (a person should pay for the own subscription within the period of time, e.g, each month). You shall
set up the period that fits you, choosing among monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly options.

Standard number of periods (Standard antall perioder)
CiS allows configuring auto-canceling of any subscriptions assigned to any person after a defined period of time through the Number of
parameter that you could set up on a Member card - Economy tab - Member's subscriptions list. Standard number of periods
defines the default value of this periods.

How to use
1. I want to use auto-canceling
Let's say you're providing a discounted subscription for newcomers: all newcomers shall pay a discounted rate for the first year, and
then a standard price should be charged during all following years. In this case, you should configure the following:
  • Subscription name - Newcomers subscription
  • Should be shown on the registration - Yes
  • Period - Yearly
  • Standard amount of periods - 1
When Tom chooses this subscription during the registration process, Admin sees the following on his Member card in Back Office:
  • Subscription name - Newcomers subscription
  • Type - Memebrship subscription
  • Startdate - 1.11.2018 (date of the registration)
  • End date - 31.12.2018
  • Number of periods - 0
2. I don't want to use auto-canceling
In this case 'Standard amount of periods' should be empty, so just don't fill anything.

Invoicing date (Fakturadato)
This is the date when CiS will generate the automatic invoices for all your members who are connected to the subscription.
When the pack of automatic invoices is generated, CiS updates the Invoicing date automatically:
New Invoicing date = Current Invoicing date + period

Any member in the system could have 1 automatic invoice for each subscription within subscription's period.

Let's say there is monthly Test Subscription with Invoicing date on 21.11.2019.
  • Nov 1, 2019 - Kate registers to the system choosing Test Subscription, and gets her invoice for this subscription.
    Then, she will not get a new invoice on Nov 21, 2019, but she will get a new invoice on Dec 21, 2019 (as it's a new period).
  • John has been subscribed to Test Subscription for a few months (and he has no automatic invoices in the current month).
    John will get a new subscription invoice on Nov 21, 2019, automatically.
  • Nov 1, 2019 - Admin opens Member card of Jane, and assigns her a new subscription - Test Subscription.
    In this case, Jane gets an invoice right away, and she will not get a new one on Nov 21, 2019 (but will do on Dec 21, 2019).
When all automatic invoices are generated on 21.11.2019, Invoicing date is changed to 21.12.2019.

Due date (Betalingsfrist)
The number of days that are given for members to pay their invoices. If an invoice wouldn't be paid within this period, CiS will mark
it as Not paid.
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