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TOPIC: Extract log

Extract log 01/02/2019 13:34 #163

  • røksne
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Eddy Grønset can't receive e-mails sent out from Choo (he suspect that it is a problem with his e-mail supplier). Is it possible to extract a list of emails where his adress has been among the receivers?

example - he was on the list for the last email going out to all active members, informasjon om kontingent 2019. Is it possible to extract" his email among the receivers so he can take this with his supplier? Probably he was one of those the mail didn't get delivered to - can we se these adresses and why they didn't get delivered?

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Extract log 05/02/2019 16:17 #166

  • artemmeleshko
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Hi Rannveig,

Could you clarify what do you mean by "extract" email.

If this member experiencing problems, because of the email provider, we suggest changing an email address in the Choo system. Because if the service is not good enough then we could not guarantee that this member will receive his emails. Choo solutions send out the messages to the email stated in the "E-mail" field, and we could not control how the other service handle them.

Emails are sent out from Choo and then member's email service provider is responsible for delivering them to the member. If the service is bad and emails are not delivered, then we would suggest writing to the support of email service provider, or just change the email from the trusted providers such as gmail, hotmail, etc.


Artem Meleshko,
Support Already On AS
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